Gauntlets of Recursion (+3)

Times, trials, and turbulence.

A man without internet is an island.

Hello again! It’s been far too long since my last entry, although I can’t make up for it at the moment. I feel a tad guilty for writing this entry while at work, but my home internet has been out for a little while. Why, you ask? Because some bumpkin jumped onto our wireless router — for which I am to blame for neglecting to secure with WEP — and starting spamming out crud to Rogers’ DNS servers. As a result, they called me up and told me that our internet service has been suspended — for a month! A month which we are still paying them for, I might add. Anyways, the result is the same: no internet access at home. This should make developing an online game reasonably challenging. 🙂

However, I seem to be able to pick up one of the neighbours’ router on my laptop wirelessly, so I’m going to sneak on here and there (in a ninja-èsque manner) to post entries here and check up on my email. I expect it to be a tough month. Hopefully Bell will get their DSL up here soon so we can migrate away from the Rogers folks.

Regardless of being devoid of the internet, I still plan on pushing forward full-speed with Skirmish. There is still plenty of non-networking work to be done, which will be able to occupy me for the month. Currently I’m working on the rigid body dynamics for the Object model I mentioned in my last entry, which I’ll hopefully be able to talk about more in another entry (tonight?).

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you catch most of you on MSN in a month or sooner. 🙂

3 responses to “A man without internet is an island.

  1. ravuya July 24, 2007 at 7:01 am

    No Cogeco in your area? They always seemed relatively easy to get along with.

  2. The Visible Man July 24, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Gah, that sucks. Do you know who did it? Has to be a neighbor, right? Most wireless routers don’t reach further than a hundred feet or so. If it was me, I would be knocking on their doors by now -_-

    Glad to hear you’re still pushing forward, though! Life lesson, I guess.

  3. Stephen July 24, 2007 at 11:19 am

    @ravuya: Thanks; I’ve never heard of them. I’ll look ’em up.

    @TVM: I don’t think anyone would confess even if I did put up a fuss. Anyways, it’s my own fault for not setting up security on the router. I’ll be prepared next time.

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