Gauntlets of Recursion (+3)

Times, trials, and turbulence.

Much woe and downtime.

Macht schnell!

It’s been very slow lately. My work term is just finishing up (finished next week) so I’ve really had to hit my project hard in order to get all finished by the end of next week. It was a more than a little ambitious of me to suggest writing an app from the ground-up to handle all of this annual data they get here, but I’m going to finish it pretty close to the line. Just some finishing touches here, and some documentation there. On the upside, it earned me a shiny “Outstanding” on my work-term evaluation. Huzzah!

Little Lost Kitty

There’s a kitty named Simba. Well, not really a ‘kitty’ — the old guy is about 11 years old now. I’ve had him since he was a wee-little guy, but the thing is, he’s a house cat. This means that he doesn’t know how to handle himself in the outdoors. So, you can imagine how I felt when I got up in the morning (yesterday) to find the ground-floor window screen torn and Simba nowhere to be found. Christ. It’s been over 24 hours since he vanished, and I’ve been searching the neighbourhood to no avail. I’ve been incredibly worried about him, and I simply can’t focus enough to sit down and work on Gloom — it’s hard enough getting stuff done now at work. So while I’m sorry about the lack of development, you’ll all have to bear with me during this particularly hard time. I can only hope that he’ll show up any time now.

Stay tuned. :/

One response to “Much woe and downtime.

  1. ravuya August 23, 2007 at 9:26 am

    Ohhh no! I hope your cat comes back safe and sound.

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