Gauntlets of Recursion (+3)

Times, trials, and turbulence.

Brave new world — Part 1.

Movin’ Yer Shtuff

This will be my last night at home before moving back over to Waterloo, bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m certainly going to miss all of the free meals, but it’s going to be fantastic getting back over to university and feeling that collective energy that just can’t help but buzz around the area. Definitely going to be another excellent term.

Leaving the previous year of living in residence behind, I will be moving in with two other chaps I met in a reasonably sized townhouse not too far from the campus. They’re Computer Science nuts like me, so I’m sure it will be just fine. After selecting our phone/internet/TV plans, I’m incredibly thankful for the wonders of splitting bills three ways. We decided to splurge a little on internet and get the Cogeco Pro package, which offers a whopping 16 mbps of hardcore download transfer speed, and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. I’ll have to lay down the law about torrent downloading though, lest we go over our cap.

Tomorrow I’ll be moving in, and so is one of my other housemates. The third moves in on Sunday, which means I’m guaranteed to not get the smallest room, so all is well. 🙂  Medium or large is fine by me. After all, I can’t be expected to write code without being able to have a good leg-stretching here and there, right? Right!

Project Skirmish

It’s been a little hectic lately for coding, so it’s mostly been design work lately. I’ve decided how to manage weapons and projectiles — which I won’t delve into just yet, since I doubt it’s an area of interest — but it will allow for the best flexibility in adding lots of different types of weapons through a common interface (rifles to grenades to flamethrowers to rocket launchers to baseball bats). As you can see from the list, firearms, melee weapons, explosives (thrown and planted), and tools (medkits, armour, stealth devices) will all go through the same system. This makes for faster development speed, and, even more importantly, a far less painful networking model.

I’ve also decided to — regrettably — downgrade from the Object Model that I spoke so highly of before. I would absolutely love to have fully dynamic objects with nice collisions/physics, as well as allowing for such a high level of interaction with the environment. However, I also need to be realistic if I hope to complete anything. Having an over-ambitious physics model is the largest factor in Gloom‘s downfall, and I won’t let it crash Skirmish as well. For the time being, the environment will become static, meaning props in the world will not be interactable, sans basic collisions. This excludes Items, which will be dynamic — referring to dropped guns, thrown grenades, or loose rocks/grit/shrapnel laying around, which will react to forces like being kicked by a player or knocked away by explosions — to the best degree I can manage. This may or may not lead to allowing props (eg. crates, desks, chairs, trash cans, etc) to be destructible, not still not movable.

I plan to discuss the Inventory/Item Model for Skirmish in my next entry, and how it fits into the game/gameplay. This will be a pinnacle part of the game, so I will be interested in hearing feedback to make it as interesting as possible. Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Brave new world — Part 1.

  1. zyklon September 5, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    Can’t wait!! I’m guessing this means no vehicles? if so,will there be at least vehicle objects to place in the map editor, to make it more realistic like b4? or is this undecided atm?

  2. Stephen September 7, 2007 at 3:46 pm


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