Gauntlets of Recursion (+3)

Times, trials, and turbulence.

The Skirmish continues.

Master Server

Progress has been moving along slowly but surely with the master server. As a recap, the master server will be a single instance app that will maintain a database of all player accounts, characters inside those accounts, and servers being run by players. Players will be able to log-in to the master server with their account credentials and view, join, and host games.

The master server itself is proving to be a fairly easy job, but the main work is on the client’s side, where the visual interface and logic for interacting with the master server will be done. The master server currently allows users to connect, create accounts, and log-in. My current task is doing the dialogs and networking work on the client’s end to allow players to perform these first-most tasks.

I’ve been restructuring a lot of the main game logic to better support the new ‘lobby’ interface, whereas I settled on having ‘Sessions’ of different types to accommodate this. A session is a fancy word that means that the player is either playing inside of a game, or inside the lobby system (finding a game or viewing characters), or even in the map editor. The game will be able to switch between sessions seamlessly, making for simpler transitions and, inside the code itself, a much nicer unification of data structures. In short, this will make it easy to implement transitions like going from the lobby into a game after clicking ‘Join’, or testing a map you’re working on in the map editor by switching from the ‘editor’ session to the ‘game’ session and loading that map.

Screenshots soon. 😉

Game Competition

I’m still working on getting the judges together to do the actual judging and scoring for the game compo entries, but hope to get things worked out very soon. I’m also trying to orchestrate getting the pizza quantities handled and delivered for the ‘Game Showcase & Final Meeting’ for the gamedev club at my uni. We like to get everyone together at the end of each term to show what we’ve been working on, and enjoy some pizza. I showed by voxel renderer last term, in November, but will be showing some stuff from Skirmish hopefully, like blowing up crates with the rocket launcher. Always a barrel of fun!

EDIT: I intentionally haven’t posted a download link to my compo entry yet — I’d like to wait until the judging is done and instead proffer a link to the entries/judging results so you can enjoy everyone’s game. 🙂

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