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Monthly Archives: July 2011

GunDown on its way to the App Store!

It's done!

I have a really hard time fully grasping just how long ago it was that I began a little game named GunDown. The prospects for it were actually pretty slim, actually. I believe my original thinking for the game was: “something small, based upon a gameplay style I’m already comfortable with, that will take 2 or 3 months to complete and release”.

*snerk* Yeah, that happened. What was supposed to be a short iPhone project to get a taste for the App Store ended up being a little bit more than ambitious. Weighing in at 13,968 lines of Objective-C, 469 commits to my Git repository, GunDown is finished and on its way to being published world-wide on the App Store!

According to Git, my first commit to the project was on February 18th, 2010. I have sunk an ungodly number of hours into this game (several hundred at least), and not only that, but I managed to suck in two other talents: one for his pixel art and musical talent, and the other for her sublime digital artwork. Without either of them, there is absolutely no way GunDown would have become the completed, polished, fiendishly addictive game that it is now. Thanks, you two. I’m going to have to pop open some champagne for us when we go live on the App Store. =)

Despite the code being written, the game being balanced, and the menus all spruced up, work is not quite yet complete in the world of GunDown. Now that I’ve shipped off the binary to Apple I need to refocus my efforts on some areas that I am sorely inexperienced in. Namely, the game needs a website, and to be marketed and advertised. I am admittedly much less worried about the former than the latter. Kristina has already designed me a bitchin’-lookin’ website which just requires a bit of HTML and CSS from me. The domain ( is purchased already too, so the plan is to spend this week (while Apple is busy reviewing the game) getting the website up and to start building some hype. More news on this as it progresses. But don’t be shy: tell your friends about GunDown!