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Monthly Archives: September 2011

GunDown debuts on the App Store.

So it’s been a painfully long time since my last post. Over the last few years my steadfastness to maintaining an online journal of my development adventures has slowed down. Or, perhaps, the overall amount of game development that I’ve been doing has dwindled instead. Such are the quirks of getting older and shouldering more responsibility. Still, it’s important to me that I chronicle my work, so I intend to be making a solid effort to get back into the routine of posting here.

That aside, I have a lovely announcement to share: GunDown is now live on the App Store! Believe it or not, this is actually somewhat old news. GunDown 1.0 went live right near the beginning of August, and its corresponding promotional website (link) was put up shortly after. Web design, not being one of my fort├ęs, was done by the talented Kristina Foster (link), while I cobbled together the necessary tidbits of HTML, CSS, and minor graphics manipulation. It’s a bit slow to load — grumblegrumblelargePNGsgrumble — but on the whole it’s pretty easy on the eyes and I think it does the game justice.

As of yesterday, I pushed out the first update to GunDown, version 1.1, to the App Store. It includes several bug fixes as well as a cleaned up HUD and some tightened-up controls. The free version, GunDown Lite, has been submitted to Apple, and is just awaiting their thumbs-up before going live as well. Interest in the game has been fairly low, but I expect the relase of a free version will garner some degree of interest amongst the legions of iOS gamers out there.

Barring some adverisement here and there, and maybe a few bug fixes, I more or less perceive GunDown as a finished product. Its development was definitely an enlightening and horizon-broadening experience, but I’m ready to move onto something new after a year and a half. So yes: I am definitely ready for a brand new, exciting project. Several ideas are incubating in my head; expect more from me when I have something a little less ephemeral ready to share. Thanks for reading!